OREANDA-NEWS. According to the results of work in 2015, the HR management and corporate governance units of IDGC of Centre were recognized as the best in the group of companies "Rosseti". These functional units of IDGC of Centre are the best for the second year in a row.

Choosing the best units was based on many criteria: implementation of key performance indicators, dynamics of indicators characterizing the state of the respective functional area, existence and implementation of measures and programs aimed at improving the activities of units and increasing the efficiency of the company as a whole, initiatives, participation in the implementation of pilot projects to obtain additional economic benefits, improving the reliability of electricity supply and solving other production tasks.

According to the organizers, the practice of such an assessment is the additional motivation of employees to professional development, strengthening of involvement of members of the team in the solution of problems facing the electric grid complex and serves as a stimulus for the transfer of experience and knowledge within the functional units, increasing the overall level of professional competence.

During 2015 the company IDGC of Centre successfully implemented projects in the field of HR management, which provided for the company’s HR unit the title of the best. In 2015 IDGC of Centre developed and implemented a grading method - a hierarchy of positions was created based on job evaluation results (more than 700 posts) under the system of groups of factors, jointly conducted with working groups of the Company’s branches. The set of the grading activities was done in a short time - the time for the development, adaptation and implementation was 4 months. At the same time, all the activities carried out with the implementation of the conditions to prevent the growth of labour costs and the preservation of qualified personnel. The realized activities helped to keep the average salary of the production personnel of IDGC of Centre’s branches above the average level of wages in the regions of the company’s service area. In 2015 the HR management unit also implemented a pilot project for the integrated training of personnel for development of the service "Grid connection support". The implemented project is designed to have a positive impact on the development of small and medium-sized businesses, since it is entrepreneurs of these categories are the main customers of grid connection of electrical installations up to 150 kW, which are subject to the new service. Another project on the training of personnel in 2015 was the project of integrated training of the technical unit staff in key areas: diagnostics and metrology, relay protection, repair and maintenance. The training was conducted under the same for all program developed by experts of the executive office, which allowed to obtain uniformity in the acquired knowledge and tools for the implementation of the Technical Policy.

High evaluation of the corporate governance unit is due to the successful implementation of activities and programs aimed at improving the level of corporate governance and investment attractiveness. IDGC of Centre’s corporate governance system is gradually developing in the direction of improving the quality of management, the company strictly complies with the law and respects the rights of shareholders. IDGC of Centre is the only electric grid company with the national corporate governance rating NCGR 7++ "Developed Corporate Governance Practice". In 2015 the Annual Report of IDGC of Centre was recognized as the winner of the XVIII Annual Contest of Annual Reports in the main category "Best Annual Report of the company with a market capitalization of up to 30 billion rubles". The Annual Report was also noted by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), IDGC of Centre was awarded the highest award – the platinum award among companies with revenues of up to $100 million, and in the nomination "The most interesting report" the report received a silver prize. The Annual Report of the Company was among the 20 best reports out of 800, which took part in that contest.