OREANDA-NEWS. The completely redesigned Toyota Passo, a compact car developed by Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu, went on sale at dealerships throughout Japan today. The new Passo is perfectly suited to city driving, and fully embodies the key advantages of compact cars, offering excellent cost performance, ease of use, and a safe, secure drive in a compact package.

The completely redesigned Passo is available in two new grades―the simple and approachable X grade and the new Moda grade, which gives the model a more stylish and refined appearance. The nameplate's renowned maneuverability and compact size have been maintained and, by extending the rear legroom by 75 mm, interior comfort and space have been improved.

All grades pair a 1.0-liter engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT); front-wheel drive models achieve fuel efficiency of 28.0 km/L, better than any other registered gasoline vehicle, while four-wheel-drive models achieve 24.4 km/L. In addition, an improved lightweight, high-rigidity body and enhanced suspension together ensure a stable, secure and comfortable urban driving experience.

The new Passo comes equipped with Smart Assist II, a collision avoidance assist system developed by Daihatsu, which is equipped as standard on almost all models (with the exception of the X L package, and the base X and Moda grades).

Vehicle Outline


X grade
a simple, approachable, and secure design

The lower bumper has a trapezoid outline with a low center of gravity to match the enlarged front grille, thereby providing the front of the vehicle with an enhanced sense of stability. From the side, character lines cocoon the cabin and indicate a spacious interior, while from the rear, the expanded tire width and the positioning of the wheels at the very corners of the vehicle express a sense of grip and stability.

Moda grade
a unique design with a stylish, more refined appearance

From the front, the satin-plating, along with the contoured design where the front grille meets the main body, establishes a refined appearance. This is carried over to the side profile, which shows off the model's blacked out front and center-pillars. The vehicle is equipped with attractive ring-shaped Bi-Beam LED headlamps that can switch between high and low beams with a one-lamp light source.


The horizontally accented instrument panel emphasizes the breadth of the expansive interior. In Moda grade models, magenta accents adorn the audio cluster, side registering, and seat fabric to further express the vehicle's unique, refined finish. While maintaining its outstandingly maneuverable compact size, the Passo increases the rear legroom by 75 mm to guarantee a comfortable and spacious interior.

Body Colors

Five of the Passo's 12 available colors are new, including the impressive Magenta Berry Mica Metallic, Dark Emerald Mica, and Lemon Squash Crystal Metallic. The Moda comes in seven two-toned patterns when combined with the optional black roof, and is available in as many as 19 body color variations.

Fuel efficiency

The Passo comes equipped with a 1.0-liter 1KR-FE engine, which achieves improved fuel efficiency due to dual intake ports, twin injectors, and enhanced fuel spray atomization, while high tumble and optimized piston shapes have enabled a compression ratio of 12.5:1. The front-wheel drive model achieves a fuel efficiency of 28.0 km/L, the highest value achieved by a registered gasoline vehicle in Japan2, while the four-wheel-drive model comes with a new idling-stop function and achieves 24.4 km/L.

The front-wheel drive model exceeds the 2020 fuel economy standards set by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) by 10 percent, while the four-wheel-drive model also meets MLIT's 2020 fuel economy standards. Since both model types are certified as producing emissions that are 75 percent lower than the 2005 standards under MLIT's Approval System for Low-emission Vehicles, they are eligible for the Japanese government's subsidies and tax incentives for eco-cars.

Improved driving performance, comfort and handling

Every surface of the Passo's side outer panels utilize high-tensile strength steel, while parts of the front fenders and back door are made of resin to make the body both lighter and more rigid, thereby providing a stable and secure urban driving experience. Redesigns to the seat frame and padding structure, and adjustments to the shape of the seatbacks provide improved fit and achieve superior passenger comfort.

The suspension has been optimally tuned to create a stable and secure driving experience. Stabilizers have been utilized on the front-wheel drive models for both the front and rear suspension, which minimize vehicle roll and improve handling stability. Large-diameter cylinders and large-diameter rods have been utilized in the front suspension shock absorbers to enhance rigidity, thereby resulting in stable handling and reduced friction for an improved driving experience. In addition, heightened torsional rigidity in the rear suspension torsion beams on the front-wheel-drive models also contribute to improved handling stability.

The wheelbase has been extended, the tires widened, and the maximum steering angle of the front wheels optimized. Together, these aspects enable the Passo to achieve a tight turning circle just 9.2 m in diameter.

Smart Assist II

The Passo is equipped with Daihatsu's Smart Assist II collision avoidance assist system, the primary role of which is to help prevent or mitigate damage resulting from collisions in urban environments. The system provides driver support through five functions: a collision warning function for vehicles and pedestrians; a collision avoidance brake assist function for vehicles; a false start control function for forward and backward starts; a line deviation warning function; and a function that notifies the driver that the vehicle ahead has started moving forward.