OREANDA-NEWS. A new exchange-listed index fund issued by Lyxor International Asset Management has been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Thursday.

Name: Lyxor J.P. Morgan Multi-Factor World Index UCITS ETF
Asset class: equity index ETF
ISIN: LU1348962132
Total expense ratio: 0.4%
Distribution policy: accumulating
Reference index: J.P. Morgan Equity Risk Premium - World Multi Factor Long Only (USD) Index

The new Lyxor J.P. Morgan Multi-Factor World Index UCITS ETF tracks the performance of stock corporations from Asia, Europe and North America that are represented in the regional J.P. Morgan Equity Risk Premium Factor Multi-Factor Long Only indices. Five risk factors are taken into account in the selection of companies:

· Low size: companies with low market capitalisation
· Value: price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-book ratio and cash flow
· Quality: return on equity, debt ratio and net profit margin
· Low beta: companies with a low beta factor
· Momentum: companies with high positive volatility

The product offering in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,145 exchange traded funds. This selection, together with an average monthly trading volume of around €16 billion, makes Xetra Europe’s leading trading venue for ETFs.