OREANDA-NEWSDuring a telephone conversation with the President of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Li Keqiang promised to simplify the procedures for delivering medicines to the EU necessary to combat the epidemic of a new coronavirus. This was announced on Thursday by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

"In this situation, we are determined to join forces with the European Union, to support you in the fight against coronavirus, to create favorable conditions for the supply of medicines to Europe through commercial channels", the Chinese Foreign Ministry quoted the head of the Chinese government as saying. Li Keqiang noted that Beijing seeks to expand the scope of international health cooperation. “I hope that the European side will pay close attention to creating the conditions necessary to ensure the safety of life of Chinese citizens, including students who are in the EU”, he stressed.

According to the Chinese prime minister, China intends to increase cooperation with European countries in the field of economics, and to continue to strengthen investment contacts. He expressed confidence that the bilateral relations of the PRC with the European Union in the course of the joint fight against pneumonia will become even stronger.