OREANDA-NEWS Germany is going to help expedite the export of Ukrainian grain to the European Union by rail, German government commissioner for rail transport Michael Teurer said. According to him, the German side "is doing everything possible so that grain can be transported from Ukraine by rail to prevent global hunger".

Teurer also said that the German authorities intend to create a fund for the purchase of new grain containers. In addition, he assumed that Berlin will help with terminals for transshipment of grain at the Ukrainian border. Teurer added that ten million out of 23 million tons of grain, which are stored in Ukraine, will be exported in this way.

Earlier, the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, said that Ukraine would agree to resume sea transportation of agricultural products in case Kiev receives new weapons.

Previously, it became known that following the talks between Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and representatives of the UN developed a road map for the "grain corridor". It is expected that this will allow avoiding a global food crisis.