OREANDA-NEWS. The newest Russian infrared SWIR camera, developed by the Shvabe holding, has been tested in extreme weather conditions. The military took her on an 18-day expedition to Novaya Zemlya, according to the Rostec state corporation.

The new camera is highly reliable. The case is not only durable, but also sealed - neither water nor dust permeates. In addition, the device allows you to detect camouflaged objects, laser radiation, flashes from shots and much more.

The novelty should appeal to the Russian military, the developers are sure.

Earlier, Russian developers from the Central Research Institute "Cyclone" presented an optoelectronic observation complex "Sych", which operates both in the normal range and in the thermal imaging range. He is able to see a passenger car at 4 kilometers, and a person at 3 kilometers. Among other things, “Sych” has a built-in satellite navigation system and a laser rangefinder. The developers clarify that the device has already passed factory tests and is preparing for acceptance tests. Serial production is planned to be established by the end of 2021, the Ruselectronics holding reports.

It is expected that the Sych, like the latest infrared camera, will interest Russian special forces.