OREANDA-NEWS. Military expert Konstantin Sivkov, on the air of Evening Moscow, described how Russian hypersonic missiles are superior to their American counterparts.

“The first is the ability to provide homing to mobile targets, the second is the ability to maneuver on the territory on a large scale. This makes a hypersonic missile an extremely difficult target for air defense systems. Out of a salvo of 10 such missiles, the US missile defense system will be able to intercept only one or two, ”the specialist noted.

Sivkov also appreciated the latest American developments and noted that there is nothing breakthrough in them.

“The data give a range of about 500 km, others - about 1000. These missiles do not provide two conditions for hypersonic weapons: homing and maneuvering. They can shoot at stationary targets, but they will not be able to ensure a strike on a moving ground object. I believe that in this situation we are talking about creating a large long-range aeroballistic missile, but they are easily shot down, because they have no maneuver, ”the expert concluded.