OREANDA-NEWS. The new generation of SUV LADA Niva, which is scheduled to premiere in 2024, was highly appreciated in the United States and Germany. A journalist Gernot Kramper called the Russian car one of the most important in the world and noted that it has always stood out among others for its durability and low price. This becomes especially important when it comes to hard work in the forest and mountains, Kramper told in interview with «iReactor».

Talking about the design of the new LADA Niva Kramper noted it's «more box-like shape» and many distinctive, recognizable elements, like round headlights and «high-mounted oblong turn indicators». The journalist said, that he hopes that even in the new generation, the SUV will retain an affordable price and all it's advantages such as high ground clearance, short-speed gearbox and a solid design.

With the change of generation in 2024, LADA Niva will find a new life, the journalists of the American portal Jalopnik said. In their opinion, the designers of Hummer could learn from their Russian colleagues – for example, a technique with an L-shaped LED strip in the headlights and a D-shaped headlights.

The journalists call this feature their «favorite touch» in the new Niva, which, despite the technical distance from LADA (the SUV will switch to the French modular platform CMF-B from Renault-Nissan), remains loyal to it's native brand for more than 50 years.