OREANDA-NEWS. PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCTI), a leader in Performance Critical Telecom solutions, announced today that industry veteran Arnt Arvik will join PCTEL's management team as Vice President of Americas Sales and Engineering Services for RF Solutions. Arnt Arvik comes to PCTEL with extensive experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. He most recently worked for Ascom Network Testing, where he served as Vice President of Americas Sales and Operations as well as head of Global Supply. Prior to Ascom, Arvik spent nine years with Ericsson Inc. as Director of Business Development for the TEMS product line in the Americas. Arnt began his professional career managing a startup in Norway. During his 11 year tenure, the startup grew rapidly to become the market leader in its field. Arnt received his degree in Maritime Engineering from Aalesund Maritime College and Business Management from BI, a Norwegian Business School. He and his family live in Virginia.

"Arnt has a proven track record in building and managing international sales organizations and creating increased market share and profitability," said Jeff Miller, Senior Vice President, RF Solutions Global Sales and Services. "We have worked with Arnt over the past several years. He will help PCTEL to strengthen our organization, enhance customer and business development, and facilitate the growth of our test equipment and our cloud-based services," added Miller.

"I am excited about PCTEL's prospects, but also grateful for my experiences at Ascom and Ericsson," said Arnt Arvik, PCTEL's newly appointed Vice President, Americas Sales and Engineering Services for PCTEL's RF Solutions group. "I look forward to working with Jeff and the entire management team at PCTEL," added Arvik.

PCTEL previously announced the planned retirement of Marty Singer, the company's Chairman and CEO, in January 2017 and the succession of David Neumann to the CEO position. Jeff Miller will, in turn, succeed Neumann as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of RF Solutions. Mr. Miller, who has a BS in Computer Science from University of Illinois, began his career at Motorola and helped to design the world's largest cellular network in the 1980s. He worked with Singer and John Schoen, the company's CFO, at SAFCO Technologies, Inc. prior to its sale to Agilent Technologies Inc. In 2001, he joined the company and was part of the management team that orchestrated the company's transition from modems to RF technology and wireless products. Mr. Miller has served in several capacities at PCTEL since joining the company, including PCTEL's product management organization, its antenna division, and global sales. He is currently Senior Vice President, Global Sales, RF Solutions.


PCTEL, a global provider of RF expertise, delivers Performance Critical Telecom solutions to the wireless industry. PCTEL benchmarks and optimizes wireless networks with its data tools, engineering services, and RF products. PCTEL's antennas and site solutions are vital elements for networks serving SCADA, fleet management, health care, public safety, and education.