OREANDA-NEWS. The attacks on the resources of the CEC of Russia were mainly carried out from foreign IP addresses, said the representative of the CEC of Russia, Alexander Sokolchuk.

According to him, on the days of elections, on average, about 4,000 automated data collection systems, robots or bots accessed the websites of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation. Sokolchuk noted that the information security tools of the CEC of Russia website identified a number of attacks: three were aimed at identifying possible vulnerabilities, with a total duration of more than 7 hours, three DDOS attacks with a total duration of up to 1 hour, four attacks aimed at introducing third-party software on the CEC website RF, with a total duration of up to 1 hour.

"The attacks were mainly carried out from foreign IP addresses. The technical measures taken by the CEC of Russia made it possible to ensure the reliable operation of the website of the CEC of Russia and its availability for Internet users," he said, speaking at the CEC.

Experts from the Moscow Department of Information Technology have repelled more than 950 cyberattacks on the infrastructure of online voting, the press service of the Moscow Information Technology Department told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Security reported about a DDoS attack on the infrastructure of electronic voting on Friday morning, which was carried out from IP addresses from the USA, Germany and Ukraine. As the chairman of the Territorial Election Commission of Remote Electronic Voting Ilya Massukh reported to RIA Novosti, in Moscow on Friday attacks were carried out both on the site where the voting took place and on the site for monitoring the progress of online voting, which, because of this, displayed information with long delays. Also attacks continued on Saturday, but they did not affect the course of the vote. He reported that attacks on online voting sites in Moscow were repelled, after which the protection systems were strengthened.