OREANDA-NEWS. Chinese authorities have banned effeminate men from television programs, television is supposed to promote Chinese traditional, revolutionary and socialist culture, the PRC State Radio and Television Administration said in a statement.

"It is necessary to strengthen cultural self-confidence, vigorously develop the outstanding Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture. It is necessary to establish the correct aesthetic orientation of the programs, strictly control the selection of actors and guests, the style of the show, clothing, jewelry, make-up. It is necessary to resolutely suppress the appearance on the air of "effeminate men" and other abnormal aesthetics, "the ministry said in a statement.

The authorities demanded not to allow on television the promotion and popularization of ostentatious enjoyment of life, gossip about personal life and scandals, vulgar Internet celebrities, negative phenomena that cause massive attention.

In addition, the agency has ordered that TV channels and online audiovisual platforms strictly control the selection of actors and guests of the program and adhere to a range of selection criteria, including political literacy, moral behavior, artistic level and social assessment.

Those who take a wrong political position and are alienated from the party and state, who violated laws, regulations or public order will not be allowed on television.

The department demanded that the TV channels adhere to the correct political orientation and guidelines for the formation of public opinion, to develop the true, kind and beautiful, while rejecting lies, evil and obscenity.