OREANDA-NEWSChina opposes the politicization of introducing 5G mobile network abroad using Chinese technology. This was announced on Monday at a briefing in the press office of the State Council of the PRC, Minister of Industry and Informatization Miao Wei.

“We are protesting against the politicization of the technological issue of introducing 5G networks”, RTHK radio quoted the minister as saying. “We consider the talk that the use of Chinese technologies supposedly affect the national security of a country to be exaggerated: in fact, it is simply impossible”. Miao Wei also added that China "wishes to establish a mechanism for cooperation with foreign government agencies and enterprises" in work on building 5G networks abroad.

On January 14, the British Broadcasting Corporation announced that Washington had handed over to London a dossier with technical information that questioned the British intelligence’s assessment of the possibility of using Chinese technology from Huawei in 5G network infrastructure without risk to national security.

The UK government was planning to sign a contract with Huawei for the supply of equipment for 5G networks, but after the company found itself in the center of a scandal involving allegations of technical espionage and the collection of classified information using its equipment, the UK authorities decided to take a break from this.