OREANDA-NEWSExperts are waiting for Russia's share growth in the global cloud services market due to the digitalization of Russian business, the introduction of state policy and the localization of Russian data storage in the country by foreign companies. About this they told the portal "The Future of Russia. National Projects", which is operated by the Russian Information Agency.

The increase in Russia's share in the global volume of cloud services for storing and processing data to 5% by 2024 is provided for by the national project "Digital Economy". Experts and industry participants call this task very ambitious and requiring consolidation of the efforts of the largest players.

The events of the national project "Digital Economy" will help Russian companies to increase the volume of exports of cloud services, said the director of the CloudMTS cloud provider Oleg Motovilov. "The creation and distribution of competitive products in the field of artificial intelligence and processing of big data will reduce the influence of the geographical principle in the consumption of cloud services. Now Russian cloud resources are mainly used by foreign companies that do business in the country", he explains.

Among the competitive advantages of the Russian "clouds" is cheap electricity and a cold climate suitable for building and supporting data centers, said Oleg Lyubimov, CEO of the data center network. Dmitry Markov, Director of Information Infrastructure of the Digital Economy Organization, among the competitive advantages of Russian data center service providers, also calls the low cost of skilled labor compared to Europe or North America. At the same time, he points out that Russian data processing centers fully correspond to the world level.