OREANDA-NEWSThe number of daily users of Zoom video conferencing service for online meetings has increased over the past 3 weeks by 50%, reaching 300 million people. On Thursday, Reuters reported with reference to the report of the company.

According to the agency, the service has shown an increase in the number of users, despite the fears of several corporations and national governments about the unreliability of the protection of personal data in Zoom. Thus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany limited its employees to use the company’s service for security reasons. Taiwan’s authorities also banned government officials from communicating through Zoom in April.

According to the British newspaper Financial Times, senators in the United States were also asked to abandon Zoom when conducting work meetings in an online format. At the same time, the Pentagon, the publication noted, continues to use the service, and the country's Ministry of Internal Security believes that Zoom is aware of security problems and is actively working to resolve them.