OREANDA-NEWS  Nvidia has unveiled its first processor for supercomputers. This information is reported on the company's website.

The hardware release took place at the Nvidia GTC 2021 Keynote event. The new processor is called Grace, it contains more than a trillion transistors and is focused on working with supercomputers and data centers. The new chip is said to deliver more than 10 times the performance of modern Nvidia DGX-based computer workstations when it interacts with Nvidia GPUs.

The released processor features support for the fourth generation NVLink interconnect technology, which provides data transfer rates at the level of 900 gigabits per second. Also, the equipment allows you to increase the server bandwidth by 30 times. Grace is based on the LPDDR5x memory subsystem, which guarantees 10 times more energy efficiency than DDR4 memory.

Nvidia did not disclose the cost of the component, but clarifies that Grace is aimed at a narrow consumer. Representatives of the Swiss Supercomputing Center and Los Alamos National Laboratory of the USA have already indicated their intentions to purchase a new processor. Nvidia Grace is scheduled to ship in 2023.