OREANDA-NEWS. To combat fake news among young people, you need to follow digital hygiene and check the news. So says the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

Peskov, speaking at the educational marathon "New Knowledge", said in this regard: "What to do, you ask, how to deal with fake news? Knowledge, persistence, unwillingness and unwillingness to take everything as truth, be inquisitive, check any information the rule is to follow this, you know, digital hygiene. "

The presidential spokesman added: "Always double-check everything, if it concerns news, second, third sources. Always try to understand why this news is, who it is targeted at, who may benefit from it. And whether it is good or bad. And I will I wish you success in this information, digital and scientific hygiene, dare, be inquisitive, the whole world is open to you. "

Peskov said that anonymity on the Internet provokes lawlessness, so all countries of the world are following the path of introducing laws regulating it.

He noted: "The Internet, of course, is a breeding ground for fakes. Because: zero responsibility - one, and anonymity - two. In general, anonymity, it provokes lawlessness."

Peskov added that we live in an ordinary life, not in a virtual one, and our whole life is governed by laws.