OREANDA-NEWS Google representatives on 14 November, will arrive for talks on observance of the legislation of the Roskomnadzor of Russian Federation. This was reported to journalists by  the head of Department Alexander Zharov on Tuesday.

"Tomorrow will be a meeting with the Manager of Google, who comes to discuss this issue [Google connection to the Federal state information system]. Google believes that it complies with Russian legislation. We believe that they do not comply with it, because Google has not connected to the interface through which the unified register of prohibited information is uploaded ... Tomorrow we will talk", - said Zharov, noting that the negotiations relate to a wide range of topics, including the localization of personal data of Russian users

He also added that Roskomnadzor will pass a Protocol against Google on administrative violation for failure to connect to the Federal state information system in court November, 26.

"On November 26, we will actually complete this administrative process, and the case of the fine of the transnational company Google will be brought to court," Zharov said.

At the same time, according to this information, "if Google starts the process of connecting to the unified register of prohibited information, perhaps the result of the judicial review will be different, as there will be new circumstances."

Google faces a fine of up to 700 thousand rubles for failure to comply with the requirements to exclude from search results blocked in Russia resources. The search engine was given a month to connect to the Federal database of prohibited sites and start the procedure of filtering search queries.