OREANDA-NEWSChina-related hackers were able to penetrate the networks of the largest technology companies, reports Reurters, citing sources. The agency indicates that this is a multi-year, painstaking invasion and interception of data. The long-term hacker attack has affected such giants as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and IBM, as well as the American manufacturer of nuclear submarines Huntington Ingalls Industries. Japanese Fujitsu and NTT Data, Indian Tata Consultancy Services, Dimension Data (headquartered in South Africa), and the American company DXC Technology, formed after the merger of HPE and Computer Sciences Corporation, also suffered.

According to the agency, data from HPE and its predecessor, Hewlett Packard, have been intercepted by hackers since at least 2012. The security service Hewlett Packard discovered the invasion in 2012, and after a thorough check, found out that individual invasions took place back in 2010. Then the hacker attack managed to repel, but the attackers organized a new invasion and were ahead of the corporation’s employees in this confrontation, Reuters reported, citing documents.

The agency points out that it is impossible to fully determine the damage caused by hacks, since many victims of hackers do not know exactly what kind of information came to them. According to Reuters, hackers are from a group known as Cloud Cooper, linked to the Ministry of State Security of China.

The Chinese government denies all allegations of hacking. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing opposes industrial espionage using cyber technology. “The Chinese government has never participated in any form and didn't support any person in committing a commercial secret theft”, the statement said in the media.