OREANDA-NEWSThe need to cooperate with specific international companies is stated in the roadmap for the development of wireless technologies. The document was prepared by a subsidiary of Rostec - the National Center for Informatization (NCI). The representative of "Rostec" confirmed the conclusions of the document, noting that it is being finalized and will be presented for public discussion on May 24. On the same day, the document will review the Supervisory Board of the ANO “Digital Economy” (responsible for the implementation of the national program of the same name), along with the “road maps” of another eight major technologies of the program. In June, all the "road maps" must submit to the government.

The “road map” states that in order to create equipment for 5G networks - antennas, radio modules, wireless access points, etc. - it is necessary to organize international cooperation with Chinese Huawei, Finnish Nokia and American Cisco, since their own developments or complete industrial solutions have Russia is not in this area.

Cooperating with the listed companies, as well as another manufacturer of equipment from China - ZTE, operators Vodafone (headquartered in the UK) and Telefonica (Spain) will also have to develop technologies LPWAN, which allows you to transfer small amounts of data over long distances, for example for the internet of things.

For the full development of NB-IoT - another standard for the Internet of things - it is necessary to cooperate with Huawei, Vodafone, Telefonica, as well as with US chip maker Qualcomm, South Korean vendor Samsung, US operators Verizon and AT & T. Among the listed companies, joint ventures in Russia still have Nokia and Huawei.