OREANDA-NEWS. Japan ranks first in the ranking of countries in terms of digitalization, Russia - 27th, according to a study first presented by the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Dialogue during the Eastern Economic Forum.

The index for assessing the readiness of citizens for digitalization was developed by ANO Dialogue, the Russian center of competence in the field of Internet communications, in order to create a unified tool for assessing the perception of the society of digital transformation processes. The index was presented at the session "Digital Monopolies and Cyber ​​Threats. Clash of Platforms and States" at the WEF.

According to the study, Japan ranks first, Estonia second, Iceland third. Finland and Denmark are also in the top five. The high level of digital development is characterized by the presence of the Internet (broadband and mobile), the number of users and the level of computerization of the population.

Russia in the ranking is in 27th place, China - in 28th place. Switzerland and Australia were below Russia in the ranking, taking 29th and 30th places, respectively.

The USA took the 24th position in the rating. Italy is 25th, Slovenia is 26th.

The ranking of the countries is closed by Turkmenistan (51st place), Tajikistan (50), Kyrgyzstan (49). The last five also included India (48) and Uzbekistan (47).

The index was calculated for 51 countries that are members of at least one of the following organizations: OECD, CIS, BRICS.

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) is being held on September 2-4 on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok. Its main theme this year is new opportunities for the Far East in a changing world. RIA Novosti is the general information partner of the WEF.