Telephone and mobile communications

25.02.2021, 15:46
According to a Russian parliamentarian, Roskomnadzor must use technical means to combat Twitter, after blocking more than a hundred Russian accounts, symmetric measures must be taken.
Landtag on possible hacker attack on university hospital
25.02.2021, 11:14

The head of the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands, Eric Akerbom, claims without evidence that the country's special services allegedly "every day catch hackers from both China and Russia."

Vladimir Soloviev
17.02.2021, 17:34
Roskomnadzor requires Clubhouse to restore access to the account of the Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov and explain the reasons for the blocking.
Elon Musk
15.02.2021, 15:02
SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to speak in the Clubhouse app, created for voice communication and online conferences.
Robert Kennedy Jr.
11.02.2021, 17:37

According to CNN, the social network Instagram has deleted the account of the nephew of the 35th American President John F. Kennedy, environmental activist and lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr., due to false claims about the coronavirus and vaccines against it.

Woman watching the live broadcast of the speech of President Alexander Lukashenko.
10.02.2021, 11:50

The combination of these factors led to a change in the long-term outlook of the sovereign credit rating of Belarus from stable to negative.

Barcode reader
09.02.2021, 16:37

The Barcode Scanner application for Android smartphones turned out to be malicious after the last update, as it is reported on the official blog of the Malwarebytes antivirus program.

Instagram logo
04.02.2021, 13:56
Instagram has confirmed the development of a feature that will make the service more like TikTok.
The Apple company logo.
02.02.2021, 15:40

In the new version of the operating systems for mobile there is support for Playstation and Xbox controllers, as well as support for two SIM cards in 5G mode.

Telegram logo
28.01.2021, 12:20

The Telegram messenger has released an iOS 7.4 update allowing users to transfer their chat history from other messengers, including WhatsApp. The update became available on January 27th.

27.01.2021, 15:30

Avast experts identified six ways that you can achieve privacy on the Internet, how to reduce the risk of identity theft and improve your own security.

Elon Musk
12.01.2021, 14:50
After the news about the new WhatsApp rules, the founder of SpaceX, and more recently the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, urged his Twitter followers to transfer communication to Signal.
Messenger apps on a smartphone
12.01.2021, 14:08
Experts believe the messengers WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram are relatively safe.
Mobile Communications in Russia May Rise in Price by 14%
10.07.2020, 10:50
This forecast was made by analysts of the Content Review Agency
The Launch of 5G Networks in Russia Will Be Postponed Until 2024
18.06.2020, 13:45
The working group of ANO «Digital Economy» did not agree the project of the Ministry of Communications on creation of 5G networks on Russian equipment by 2024.


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