OREANDA-NEWS. The messenger Telegram has begun testing advertising messages. The announcement was made in a publication by the platform's founder, Pavel Durov, which Telegram channels have started distributing.

"Telegram is starting to test advertising messages. How will this affect users?", the post reads.

Durov announced Telegram's own advertising platform on October 26.

Previously, the channel owners had published ads in the format of regular posts. "The official advertising messages that Telegram is introducing will be much more comfortable for users. The revenue from such advertisements will allow Telegram to further provide users with a free and unlimited service," Durov said.

While the feature is working in test mode, all profits will go to Telegram, it will be used to maintain the messenger. After the advertising platform is launched in full, part of the revenue from it will go to the owners of the channels in which the ads are shown.

Advertising messages will appear in public channels with at least 1,000 subscribers. The maximum size of an advertising publication is 160 characters. Advertorial advertisements will be published only on the topic the channel is dedicated to. It is prohibited to use external links in the advertisements. Advertisers will be able to select the language and the approximate theme of the channels where their posts will appear. It is also possible to select certain channels to place advertisements or, conversely, to create a list of channels where they will not be shown.

"Users' personal data is not collected or analysed to display advertisements and all users viewing a particular channel in Telegram see the same advertising messages. Unlike other apps, Telegram does not track whether you have clicked on an ad message and does not create a 'dossier' on you based on your activity," the messenger team clarified.