OREANDA-NEWS. Roskomnadzor has extended measures to slow down Twitter traffic until May 15. This was reported on the website of the department.

It is recalled that the work of the social network has been slowed down since March 10. During this time, she demolished about 1.9 thousand of the 3.1 thousand materials with child pornography, pro-narcotic and suicidal content that have not been removed since 2017, prohibited in Russia.

The regulator's release says: "Taking into account the decision made by Twitter for the first time to change the principles and speed of its own moderation service, Roskomnadzor decided not to proceed to the next measure - a complete blocking of the social network in the country, extending the traffic restriction measure."

Thus, as the supervisory authority emphasized, the companies were given additional time to comply with the requirements of Russian legislation.

On April 1, Sinead McSwinney, the social network's vice president for public policy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, spoke about the efforts being made by Twitter to improve the moderation of prohibited content.

On the same day, Roskomnadzor once again reminded that in order to cancel the slowdown in traffic, the company must remove all prohibited information and bring the speed of its liquidation in line with Russian laws.