OREANDA-NEWS. Nord Stream AG successfully conducted annual maintenance work on its twin gas pipeline system between August 9 and 17, 2016 with a temporary shutdown of both lines. Gas transmission from our Russian upstream-partner will resume by August 18, 2016, when the full capacity of the pipeline system will again be available.

Commenting on the completion of this year’s work, Nord Stream AG’s Maintenance Director Ruurd Hoekstra said: “A comprehensive, long-term Pipeline Integrity Management Strategy is an essential part of Nord Stream AG’s operations. Thanks to this, and to the expertise of our staff, for the fourth year in a row we are carrying out this planned maintenance work on the Nord Stream twin-pipeline system safely and on time, on the basis of state-of-the-art industry standards.”

Regular maintenance work is an essential part of Nord Stream’s long-term Pipeline Integrity Management Strategy. “The pipeline integrity management strategy is a commitment to the highest standards”, Mario Nullmeier, Compliance Director at Nord Stream AG, said. “International certification bodies have commended Nord Stream AG’s compliance with top industry requirements for design, integrity and functional safety, allowing for a smooth-running operation in line with all safety and environmental considerations”, Nullmeier added.

The schedule for these maintenance activities was agreed and coordinated with Nord Stream’s upstream and downstream pipeline operators well in advance. The temporary interruption of supplies was factored into the nominations of gas to be transported via Nord Stream to downstream European partners.