OREANDA-NEWS. Ukraine will not receive compensation after the launch of the Nord Stream 2 project either from Russia or from its Western partners. This was announced to RIA Novosti on Tuesday by Senator from Crimea Sergei Tsekov.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted that Kiev opposes the completion of the construction of the Russian gas pipeline. He stressed that the condition for launching Nord Stream 2 "should be the de-occupation of our territories and the energy security of Ukraine."

"The Ukrainian authorities want to be constantly given money from abroad in the form of compensation. But they will certainly not receive anything from Russia," the parliamentarian said.

In general, Tsekov called the statement of the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry "complete nonsense." "They understand very well that they will not receive compensation, including from foreign partners," the senator explained.

According to the legislator, Kiev's current "bold" statement is designed for its constituency, as Ukrainian citizens increasingly criticize their leadership because it is controlled from Washington.

At the same time, Tsekov stressed that the West does not suppress such, often not very well thought out, statements by Kiev due to the fact that Ukraine is serving as an instrument in the hands of Russophobic Western politicians against Russia. "European politicians have already understood the essence of the Ukrainian leadership and do not value it very highly," the senator said.