OREANDA-NEWS. Russia complies with all contractual obligations on gas, there are certain conditions to increase supplies, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin told RIA Novosti.

In early October, US Congressman Michael McCall said that Russia allegedly provoked a surge in gas prices by restricting supplies to the European market, and called on the US administration to expand sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

"How did Russia initiate a surge in prices when it complied with all contracts and obligations? There are no supply restrictions, non-increase does not mean restrictions. If under the contract I undertook to supply 10 units, and you want 40, this does not mean that I am forcing you," he is in a conversation with an agency on the sidelines of the Verona Economic Forum.

According to him, there are many other countries that have always declared their readiness to increase their supplies, therefore "the flag is in their hands."

"If someone asks for a little more, then there are certain conditions, be it the price of transit, the use of certain routes. If you put pressure on me and talk about a difficult situation with a request to increase supplies on the same terms or on worse terms," us crisis ", who prevented you a year ago, when gas cost 100, to buy it half a century in advance. You bet that gas will cost three kopecks or go into negative territory, or solar energy appears, which will replace everything, then these are your calculations, "Pankin said.