OREANDA-NEWS Gasoline in Russia is still one of the cheapest in Europe.

At the same time, the country ranks only 20th in Europe in terms of the amount of fuel that can be purchased at an average salary. And at the very bottom of the rating for this indicator is Ukraine, its citizens can afford to buy 3.3 times less gasoline than the Russians.

The study was conducted by RIA Rating Agency, whose specialists studied the situation in 33 European countries. Data were taken into account as of mid-January, and for Norway, Kazakhstan and Ukraine-at the end of December. Experts compared the price of 95-octane gasoline.

In absolute prices, the lowest cost is noted in Kazakhstan. In recalculation on the Russian currency liter of 95-octane costs there 30,9 rubles.In second place — Russia with 45 rubles per liter. The third place was taken by Belarus-46.9 rubles. It is followed by Ukraine-72.1 rubles.

Next in the ranking are mostly Eastern European countries, too, with relatively low fuel prices.

The most expensive gasoline in the Netherlands-117.7 rubles per liter. This is followed by Norway, Denmark, Italy and Greece. In these countries, a liter of gasoline will cost more than 112 rubles per liter.The cheapest diesel fuel is also sold in Kazakhstan (46.5 rubles per liter), Russia and Belarus (47.2 rubles).The most expensive diesel in Norway-114.5 rubles per liter.

Also among the leaders in high cost — Sweden, UK, Italy, France and Finland. There the price exceeds 105 rubles.

The drafters of the rating note that in most countries gasoline prices have decreased. The decrease is observed in 26 of 33 countries, the most significant — in Cyprus (12.3%), Hungary (9.4%) and Slovenia (8.7%).

The growth of prices was recorded in only seven of the study participants. The sharpest jump occurred in Belarus, where compared to the beginning of 2018, the price of gasoline increased by 19.7%. In second place — Russia (9.7%), the third Ukraine (7.5%).

In Russia, such a sharp increase is observed for the first time in the last seven years.