OREANDA-NEWSShell oil and gas company has announced a partnership with the i-Tech 7 technology company in the field of marine robotics and autonomous systems based on AI to increase the safety and economic efficiency of deep-sea assets. This was reported by the news publication.

“Digitalization is a key factor in the further development of Shell, because it will allow the company not only to increase productivity, reliability and overall efficiency of processes, but also to reduce the level of costs. Technologies and support of i-Tech 7 throughout the entire life cycle of deep-sea assets will help accelerate this process”, said Christian George, Shell’s vice president of well development technology for deepwater and surface fields.

As part of the collaboration, the i-Tech 7 business unit will provide fully integrated digital solutions, engineering experience and technologies to optimize Shell's underwater infrastructure throughout the life of the field. This is intended to enable Shell to accelerate innovation and simplify the implementation of advanced digital technologies. Cooperation between the companies is tentatively planned for five years.