OREANDA-NEWS. According to kp.ru, it turned out that more than 20% of Russians plan to travel on New Year's Eve, and 60% of drivers will celebrate the holiday while driving.

More than 600 respondents from large Russian cities took part in the study conducted by Citymobil Taxi Service together with the Contrust agency, and more than ten thousand taxi drivers from all over Russia took part in the survey.

More than 60 percent of taxi drivers intend to work on New Year's Eve. They said they were counting on generous tips and small gifts from passengers. Among Russians, 22% plan to travel during the holiday. Half of them will choose private transport and the same number of taxis. Only 17% plan to move on New Year's Eve by public transport, and eight percent use car sharing. At the same time, on New Year's Eve 2020, the holiday was met in a taxi of the Citymobil service, 750 passengers.

About 30% of taxi drivers reported that they are not behind the wheel every New Year, however, only 14% prefer to relax that night, despite the high demand and good tips.

The main reasons for working on New Year's Eve, which were listed by respondents: passengers on this night are more attentive (57%), passengers pay generous tips in honor of the holiday (21%), and sometimes they even treat tangerines and give small symbolic gifts for the New Year (13 and 5%, respectively). Three percent of drivers reported that passengers sometimes offered champagne to them. Also, many drivers said that on New Year's Eve passengers pay at a double rate.