OREANDA-NEWS. With some 510,000 employees around the globe, including 210,000 in Germany, Deutsche Post DHL Group is one of the largest employers both in Germany and the world. It is the largest provider of vocational training in the industry, offering training in a diverse range of disciplines across 18 vocational fields and 13 dual courses of study, including technical mechanics, business administration, IT as well as courier, express and postal services. In 2018 the Group will offer some 2,600 traineeships in total.

The Group has also developed an innovative new opportunity for trainees in the area of mail and parcel delivery, traditionally the largest group of trainees at Deutsche Post DHL Group. Along with the traditional two-year dual course of study, the Group will offer a new type of training for Courier, Express and Postal Services specialists (FKEP) in 2018 aimed primarily at older applicants with previous work experience. Once accepted to the program, candidates will first take part in intensive introductory training and discipline-specific trainings (e.g. driver safety) before moving on to full-time work in combined and parcel delivery. After three years they can then be officially certified as Courier, Express and Postal Services specialists (FKEP). This gives applicants two different options for completing the FKEP certification.

Deutsche Post DHL Group remains popular among candidates looking to complete their vocational training and certification. "Deutsche Post DHL Group offers a broad spectrum of vocational training and qualification opportunities," says Thomas Ogilvie, Deutsche Post DHL Group Board Member for Human Resources and Labor Director. "It is very important to us to be able to offer as many people as possible this kind of opportunity."