OREANDA-NEWSThe Indonesian government will discuss the possibility of introducing restrictions on entry into the country of transport against the background of a new type of pneumonia outbreak in China. According to an Indonesian newspaper on Monday, authorities will also consider the need to issue a warning to Indonesians planning to visit China.

"We will discuss issues of issuing a warning to tourists and introducing time limits on air and sea transport arriving in the country", said Indonesia's Minister of Transport Budi Kari Sumadi. He also said that he had ordered the seaports and air harbors to wear protective masks and strengthen controls when inspecting ships and planes departing and arriving from China.

At the end of December 2019, an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown etiology was recorded in China. By January 26, more than 2 thousand cases were registered in several countries and dozens of deaths. We tell what is known about this disease and how dangerous it is.