OREANDA-NEWS. Sales of new Lamborghini cars in Russia in January-July 2019 increased 3.8 times and amounted to 88 units, the Avtostat analytical agency reports.

 In July, 19 brand cars were sold, which is 533% higher than last year's sales.

 Of the total number of vehicles sold, the lion's share falls on the company's new product - the Urus crossover.  69 buyers became owners of this particular car model.  Thus, of the total number of cars sold, the Urus crossover accounts for 80% of sales.

 The second place in sales in the Russian Federation among the Italian company’s models is occupied by the Aventador sports car.  From January to July 2019, 11 units of this car were purchased.  During the reporting period, Russian motorists also purchased eight copies of the Huracan model.