OREANDA-NEWS The press service of Rosstandart announces the recall of 22,286 copies of the BMW 5-Series and 6-Series, which were sold on the Russian market from June 2003 to August 2010. The reason for the recall was the possible formation of rust. 

Long-term effects, such as vibrations and changing temperatures, combined with increased humidity and extreme stress from road chemicals can lead to corrosion on the threaded connection of the battery positive lead. This threatens to increase the transition resistance in the connection, as well as various malfunctions in the flesh to the impossibility of starting the engine. 

The department emphasized that the likelihood of moisture accumulation is also not excluded, which can lead to leakage of current on the surface, and this in turn will cause heating and fusion of the threaded connection. All recallable vehicles will check the drop points and if necessary carry out free repairs.