OREANDA-NEWSThe Dutch prosecutor’s office took into account several possible scenarios that led to the crash of Boeing in Ukraine in July 2014. This was announced on Monday at a hearing by the prosecutor Dedi Vui-A-Tsoi.

As part of the latest scenario, the prosecutor's office conducted investigations into various possible locations for launching a rocket and using installations belonging to both the Russian Federation and Ukraine. All this information will also be presented to the judges. In addition, the agency intends to talk about how the investigators identified the suspects, how they found out their roles and how obstacles exist in the way of the investigation. "At the same time, we will explain why we consider certain parts of the investigation to be completed, and finally, we will provide information on what investigations should be carried out", summed up Vui-A-Tsoi.

According to her, the presentation of the investigation, which lasted several years, will take several days, and its main goal is to provide the court with all the information necessary to make a decision on whether the investigation can be considered completed and whether it is possible to proceed to the consideration of the case. essentially.