OREANDA-NEWS. More than 60% of Russians are ready to transfer to unmanned vehicles. Such data are presented in the presentation of the working group of the Avtonet National Technological Initiative.

"Over 60% of respondents are now ready to use unmanned vehicles", said in a presentation presented at the international forum "Autonet-2019" The main advantage of drones, according to respondents, was the ability to do other things on the road. In addition, the Russians noted the safety of unmanned vehicles.

The Yandex company, which is a participant in the experiment on the operation of drones, reported that the use of unmanned vehicles for passenger traffic in megacities could begin in 2023. Now in a number of regions of the Russian Federation an experiment is being conducted on the operation of unmanned vehicles on public roads. It's designed for three years. The timing of the start of the use of unmanned vehicles will be determined by the results of the experiment.