OREANDA-NEWS The span of the railway under construction of the Crimean bridge slid into the water during installation. About this RBC reported in the information center "Crimean bridge".

The incident occurred in shallow waters in the area between Tuzlanskog oblique and the island of Tuzla. At that moment, when the builders with the help of Jack systems lowered one of the railway spans on the bridge supports, it tipped and fell into the water. The bridge supports were not damaged in the accident, so the bearing capacity of the structure is not broken. None of the builders were also injured.

"It is assumed that this happened as a result of a technical malfunction of one of the Jack systems," the information center explained, noting that the exact causes of the incident have yet to be clarified, and all construction and installation works on the project are insured.

The fallen railway span is now to be removed with the help of cranes from the water. In its place will establish a new span.

Despite the fact that the elimination of consequences and the installation of a new fragment of the bridge will take 35-40 days, the incident will not affect the timing of the project as a whole, assured the information center.

Commissioning of the railway part of the Crimean bridge is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

Video and photo materials from the scene appeared on the Internet. They were made directly by the workers. Materials clearly show that the fragment of the bridge is in shallow water, and there are no large-scale structural damage.

Official sources do not find anything in this incident that could speak about its seriousness. But the Ukrainian media hastened to tell about the incident as very serious problem.

In early September, a floating crane used for the construction of the bridge was blown off the anchor by a strong wind and carried to the bridge support. As a result, the crane boom damaged one of the lighting masts on the section of the bridge between Tuzla island and the fairway. In addition, a collision has resulted in bent a few meters of barrier fences of the bridge. The wind that blew that day reached 27-28 knots (14 m/s), which corresponds to seven points on the Beaufort scale. The information center "Crimean bridge" later told RBC that damage to the elements of the road arrangement did not affect the safety of traffic on the highway.