OREANDA-NEWS In Russia last year increased sales of luxury-segment cars. In 12 months 1463 cars were sold in the country. This figure is 1.6% more than in 2017.

According to the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT", almost half (49%) of this market accounts for only one model. It is – Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class. Its owners last year were 716 residents of our country. On the second line in the list of preferences of Russians should brand Bentley, the market volume of which amounted to 298 copies. Closes the top three in the luxury segment Maserati with a result of 238 cars.

 Also in 2018, 96 new Rolls-Royce, 72 – Lamborghini, 30 – Ferrari and 13 – Aston Martin were purchased in our country. About 70% of the total volume of the Russian market of Luxury cars in 2018 fell on Moscow and Moscow region, which corresponds to 991 copies.

Residents of St. Petersburg became the owners of 126 luxury cars. In the Krasnodar territory was purchased 35 of these machines in the Sverdlovsk region – 21. Park in Novosibirsk region over the past year has added 19 cars to the luxury segment. Residents of the Rostov region purchased 16 such cars, and Tatarstan – 15.

In the Voronezh region went up 13 cars in the Luxury segment, in Primorsky Krai – 11. Another 52 subjects of the Russian Federation in 2018 was sold from 1 to 10 new such machines.

According to experts of the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT", in December the market of new luxury cars in our country decreased by 8% - after three months of continuous growth (from September to November). But despite this, it still managed to finish the year in the "plus".