OREANDA-NEWS. SberAutoTech-a company that is part of the Sber ecosystem, presented a prototype of a fully autonomous electric transport of its own design called "FLIP".

At the heart of the electric car is a platform of its own design, which is driven by an electric motor, and the power source is a module of replaceable batteries. The "flip" layout also allows the use of gas and hydrogen as an energy source.

According to the developers, the layout allows you to replace the batteries in five minutes. "This solution actually removes the existing restrictions for the use of electric vehicles: long charging of standard batteries and their high cost, dictated by the required capacity and power reserve of electric vehicles," SberAutoTech reported.

The dimensions of the new product are comparable to the size of a conventional passenger transport-3.62 m by 1.95 m. However, the "FLIP" is a prototype of a fully autonomous transport without the usual control systems. Thanks to this, the interior space is 40% larger, which allows you to accommodate six passengers.