OREANDA-NEWSSberbank and Cognitive Technologies have entered into a legally binding agreement on the establishment of Cognitive Pilot, which will develop unmanned technologies in the fields of transport, agriculture, computer vision and artificial intelligence. This is stated in the message of the bank.

Cognitive Pilot will work on the development of advanced driver assistance systems based on artificial intelligence technologies and autonomous control systems for ground vehicles and industrial devices. The new company will also use the achievements of Cognitive Technogies, allowing the use of unmanned technologies in various weather and climatic conditions through the use of computer vision based on neural networks of deep training and millimeter-wave radar.

Sberbank will receive 30% of the company’s shares, 70% of the shares will belong to the founders and management of Сognitive Technologies. The company will be headed by the founder and head of Cognitive Technologies Olga Uskova. The parties expect that the transaction will be closed in December 2019. The company did not disclose investments in the new project.