OREANDA-NEWS Tesla reported on record production: at the end of 2018, the manufacturer of electric vehicles managed to produce 86.5 thousand cars. This is 8% more than in the previous quarter, and is an absolute record for the company.

The main part of the produced car companies — more than 61 thousand-five-seater sedans Tesla Model 3. The remaining 25 thousand occurred in the older models — the sedan Tesla Model S and the crossover Model X. Tesla

Not only production increased, but also the supply of Tesla — up to 90.7 thousand cars (also an increase of 8%). In total, in 2018, the company supplied 245 thousand cars to the market — almost the same as in all previous years combined, the report says.

At the same time Tesla has announced price reductions on all its models by $2 thousand. At this step, the company decided to compensate for the reduction in the U.S. Federal tax incentives for buyers of electric vehicles.

However, the statements of the company have disappointed investors, said Bloomberg.

The company's shares at the auction on Wednesday fell during trading by more than 10%, to close the fall was 6.8%. This happened despite the fact that Tesla reported a record production. At the end of last year, the manufacturer of electric vehicles managed to collect almost 90 thousand cars. At the same time, supplies increased. Tesla also announced a $ 2,000 price cut for all its models. The company took this step to compensate for the reduction in US Federal tax benefits for buyers of electric vehicles

Investment analysts surveyed by the Agency noted that the company was expected to perform better, especially against the background of efforts made by the company to increase production.

Analysts are concerned about the policy of significant price reduction, which can be interpreted as a signal of falling demand for electric vehicles, as well as possible problems with the implementation of already produced cars.