OREANDA-NEWS  In order to return the seized license, the driver now have to prove to traffic police that all fines paid.

The government approved changes to the rules for the return of the driver's license. The rules regulate what should be done to restore the driver's license, which was terminated or suspended (including if the driver was previously deprived of the rights for violations — the grounds are listed in article 28 of the Federal law "on road safety").

In the previous version of the rules stated that if a person has taken away the rights in the form of criminal administrative punishment, he can return them after "checking knowledge of traffic rules" in the traffic police (article 2). Now this article is significantly expanded: now it is necessary not only to pass the exam for knowledge of traffic rules, but also to have a passport and information about the payment of all fines for violations on the roads.

Furthermore, paragraph 2 of the rules stipulates that persons convicted on administrative charges of drunk driving and refusal to take the field sobriety test will now have to present medical testimony that contraindications to driving they have. The same was previously stated in paragraph 7, now it is no longer valid. Similarly, after the amendments are combined paragraphs 5 and 6 (they describe where you can return the driver's license and what to do to get them in another Department of traffic police).

Chairman of the all-Russian public Movement of motorists of Russia Viktor Pokhmelkin in an interview with RBC called the government resolution "formal ordering" and explained that "novelty" in this. "The conditions for the return of rights are provided by the law-The code of administrative offences. It just wasn't painted, it's ordered now. The legislator was delegated this task to the government, now they have fulfilled it with delay, " Pokhmelkin said.

Changes that are made to the rules of return of the driver's license, do not carry drastic changes in the procedure, according to the partner of the law office "Business fairway" Alexander Kazus.

"Changes only concretize and officially grant the right of traffic police officers to demand those documents and data which they demanded earlier, relying not on these rules, and on other regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other bodies of the state. For example, the need for the absence of fines in obtaining public services in the field of road traffic is caused by other laws, now this requirement is simply added to the rules, so as not to refer every time to another regulatory document," he explained.