OREANDA-NEWS. It is now impossible to rent an electric scooter in St. Petersburg. Today, kicksharing companies (scooter rental service) have removed all scooters from the map.

At the same time, only Whoosh informed users about the suspension of activities. "Alas, we have suspended the service. We hope for a short time. We will definitely come back. Hugs!" - said in the operator's message.

In the mobile applications of other electric scooter rental services, announcements of a temporary suspension of work have also appeared.

After several emergencies with electric scooter raids on people, the Investigative Committee opened criminal cases. In particular, in mid-May, on Nevsky Prospekt, several young men ran into a man, and after he made a remark to them, they attacked him with fists. Now the hooliganism suspects are in jail.

On June 3, the offices of several St. Petersburg companies that rent electric scooters were searched to seize items and documents, as well as to establish the identity of a man who hit a child in the Nevsky District of the city.

And on the eve of the city authorities decided to limit the speed of scooters to 10 kilometers per hour on the central streets of the city.

In Moscow, more than 50 locations in Moscow have already limited the speed of rental electric scooters. So, you cannot move faster than 15 kilometers per hour in Sokolniki, VDNKh and other so-called slow zones. The movement of the rented scooter is tracked by geolocation - the speed is programmed.

Moscow also wants to limit the speed of scooters when driving on sidewalks. It is planned that among pedestrians they should travel with an average flow rate. And this is about 6 kilometers per hour.