OREANDA-NEWSAn employee of the British special services called the main mistake of airport passengers posting their boarding pass on social networks. She reported this to the Daily Express.

So, according to Lisa Forte, an employee of the UK Government Communications Center (GCHQ), a barcode on an air ticket can reveal the traveler's personal data that are of interest to cyber fraudsters. For example, by scanning a barcode, an attacker learns the name, booking number, and six-digit PNR code.

Forte assured that with the help of PNR, criminals can get access to data on date of birth, passport number, hotel or car reservations through the airline, as well as who the tourist is flying with, who paid for the ticket and what kind of food he chose on board.

“Imagine that you are a criminal. You know I just flew from London Heathrow Airport to Bangkok. You know that my return flight is in two weeks, I flew economy class and ordered a vegetarian meal. Then you start creating a phishing email posing as an airline representative, with the text: "If you also require vegetarian meals for your return flight, click this link to order now," Forte explained.

The specialist also added that such letters can be of any content, for example, attackers will report that the flight is overcrowded or offer to upgrade to business class for free.

To avoid such situations, she advised never to post pictures of the boarding pass on social networks.