OREANDA-NEWS Works on construction of supports of the railway part of the Crimean bridge have been completed. 307 structures, which are now gradually taking over the span structures, are ready – 160 thousand tons of metal structure. This information was reported by information center "Krymsky bridge".

"This is not just the completion of the device supports for the railway. All the supports of the Crimean bridge are ready: road and rail. Titanic work has been carried out. Thousands of piles for these supports are submerged to a great depth: in some areas – more than 100 meters. Difficult soil and frequent storms strongly complicated work, but were able to do qualitatively and in time", — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Stroygazmontazh" Arkady Rotenberg.

It is noted that the final was the railway support №254 in the Kerch Strait on the section between the fairway and the Crimean coast. It consists of a Foundation on 16 tubular piles, immersed at different angles to a depth of 70 meters, and a body of steel reinforcement and hydraulic concrete. "The support is brought to the design mark-33 meters from the water level, almost 12-storey height. The final stage was the concreting of its upper elements, which later installed special devices-supporting parts. They are spans, — said the head of the project at the construction site of the Crimean bridge Aleksey Dvoeglazov. "The supporting parts, a kind of balancers, will provide the necessary angular and linear movements of the spans invisible to the naked eye in the case of thermal expansion of the metal or possible seismic vibrations."

Currently, the main stage of construction of the railway part of the bridge is the installation of spans. This complex technological process is carried out on all sea and land construction sites. In total, more than 15 kilometers of the route have already been blocked by spans on 8 sections.

On land supports of the spans are cranes, sea – throats and jacks to the longitudinal and transverse ways. On the finished spans consistently from the Taman coast formed the upper structure of the railway: at the moment laid more than 9 of 38 km of the rail grid.