OREANDA-NEWS. The Mayor of Mexico City Claudia Scheinbaum said that the death toll in the crash of the metro bridge in the Mexican capital has risen to 23, 65 injured have been hospitalized.

Eyewitnesses of the crash of the metro bridge in Mexico City told RIA Novosti the details of the disaster.

On Tuesday morning it became known that in the southeast of the capital of Mexico, near the stations of Olivos and Tesonco, a metro bridge collapsed, along which a passenger train was moving at the time of the incident. The preliminary cause of the incident could have been a collision of a car with one of the pillars of the infrastructure facility.

According to eyewitnesses, the train was quite crowded, as at this time people are returning from work. Earlier it was reported about the death of 20 people and hospitalization 49.

"At the moment, 65 people have been delivered to hospitals, 23 people have died," the mayor said. Scheinbaum's address was broadcast by the Telediario TV channel. According to Sheinbaum, there are minors among the dead.

The Mexico City Metro is one of the largest metros in North America. The last major incident there happened in January, when a fire at a central post in the historic center of the city killed one person and 29 were hospitalized. Then the work of the subway had to be stopped for three days. After that, three lines were launched, and it took almost a month to restore three more lines.