OREANDA-NEWS For the first time in the Traffic Rules  introduced a ban on Parking vehicles near the embassies and consulates. In fact, such a restriction has long been implemented through the sign "Parking" with an information plate"only for Embassy cars". At the legislative level, the rule was not fixed, as well as a fine for its violation.

Now plate 8.9.2 "Parking only vehicles of the diplomatic corps" is officially applied with the sign "Parking".

Appeared in the rules and the sign "Bike zone" along with repeat markings. The term "Bicycle zone" refers to sections of streets where bicycles have an advantage over cars.  It suggests that in the area of the car does not have the right to accelerate more than 20 miles per hour.

According to the document, the advantage of bicycles over mechanical vehicles will be established on certain sections of the streets: bicycles will have the right to move along the entire width of the roadway intended for movement in this direction.

Also, the new traffic rules give the right to representatives of customs services to inspect the car in the area designated by the new sign "customs control Point".

The document was originally initiated by the Ministry of Transport. Traffic police criticized the Ministry for frequent changes in the Rules of the Roads.

In Moscow in 2013 there is a city Bicycle "Bicycle". Currently, residents of the capital are provided with more than 4 thousand bicycles at 430 rental points. This season, transport was rented more than 4 million times since the end of April — a record compared to last year. Then Muscovites used this service 2.4 million times.

13 October it was reported that in Moscow, began to rent e-bikes reach speeds up to 25 km/h. Weight is 27 kg, which is 13 kg less than the previous version.