OREANDA-NEWS. Volkswagen plans to develop a new electric SUV, for which the famous Scout name can be revived. This is reported by Motor Trend with reference to the head of the North American division Johan de Nyssen.

The new model will be the ideological successor to the classic American SUV International Harvester Scout, which was developed in 1961 to compete with Jeep cars. The production of cars ceased in 1980, and five years later the company International Harvester, which had been engaged in the production of trucks and agricultural machinery since 1902, went bankrupt and ceased to exist.

The rights to the "Scout" brand currently belong to Volkswagen. The German concern owns the company Traton, which combines the cargo brands Man, Scania and Navistar. The latter company, established in 1986, is the direct successor of International Harvester.

According to preliminary data, Scout may become an independent sub-brand, under which new SUVs will be sold separately from Volkswagen cars. At the same time, it is expected that the new model will appear no earlier than in five years.

Earlier, Volkswagen has already talked about the possibility of producing an electric SUV, which in terms of its characteristics will be able to compete with the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes-Benz G-Class. In addition, the Germans are going to develop an electric minivan, several crossovers of different sizes and, possibly, a flagship sedan, which will become the ideological successor of the Phaeton model. In total, by 2025, the Germans plan to launch a series of more than 20 models and their modifications with electric power plants.