OREANDA-NEWS. People’s Republic of China has presented keys to 12 ambulances to the health institutions from Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Cetinje, Kolašin, Mojkovac, Nikšić, Plav and Žabljak. This significant donation will provide multiple positive effects on the health system, contributing to increasing the efficiency of one of the most important sectors of the system and improving patient care.

Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović and the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Montenegro Cui Zhiwei signed the Confirmation on the handover of 12 ambulances and accompanying medical equipment. On this occasion, Chinese Ambassador Cui thanked everyone who contributed to this project, and emphasised that, given the traditionally good and friendly relations between the two countries, this donation "reflects the emotions of the Chinese people towards the Montenegrin". He recalled that China has donated 14,000,000 € to Montenegro in the previous period through several projects such as installation of the solar lighting in Cetinje and Kotor, building the bike trails in Podgorica, purchase of the equipment for container and baggage control and others. "In the future, our Embassy and myself will try to get more donations for Montenegro, within our capabilities", the Ambassador said.

The Prime Minister Simović pointed out that we are witnessing China’s continued support to Montenegrin people, this time in a very important and sensitive area such as healthcare. Reminding of the numerous examples of China’s support to our country, he stressed that this are "more than clear signs of understanding of our friends from China, the People’s Republic of China, the Government of China, with respect to what is the need to accelerate overall economic development of Montenegro".

According to him, on the basis of it all, the capital, strategic and historic investment is implemented in Montenegro. It is a project of building the motorway, which is implemented through the mechanism of "16+1", in which Montenegro as the smallest country used a total of 10% of the total available credit fund. He announced the readiness of Montenegro to implement more projects through this mechanism, especially in terms of transport infrastructure development. "What is particularly important, I am sure that we will in the coming period witness together a stronger dynamics of the construction of sections on the motorway, a realisation and fulfillment of agreed obligations, and rejoice together every kilometer of the motorway built, each new bridge and tunnel", the Prime Minister said. Expressing gratitude to the People’s Republic of China for this donation worth about 615,000 €, he said that these "12 ambulances will improve health service in the health institutions that receive this vehicles, that will be seen on the Montenegrin roads and that will mean a better health service, while still transmitting a message of friendship to China from Montenegro".