OREANDA-NEWS.  The current low gas supplies to Europe from Russia will lead to the fact that in some regions of Europe there may not be enough resources for heating, and they will have to be distributed according to quotas, said Amos Hochstein, senior adviser to the US President on energy security. According to him, the events will unfold in this way if the winter is colder than usual, and the reserves in gas storage facilities will not increase.

"We have been watching the energy market in Europe for some time and notice that the storage facilities are not filled enough, and supplies from Russia are inexplicably low-both compared to previous years and relative to its capabilities. Storage stocks are at a low level, and if the winter is really cold, colder than usual, then I'm afraid there will not be enough gas for heating, not for electricity, in part of Europe, " Mr. Hochstein said on Bloomberg TV (the recording is available on YouTube).

Certain European countries, according to Mr. Hochstein, will be able to buy more gas at increased prices, while others in the event of a cold snap "will have to allocate gas for heating according to the norm." "This is not about geopolitical games or markets — it concerns everyone's lives," he said.