OREANDA-NEWS. In Canada, MP William Amos was caught nude while talking to other MPs on Zoom, according to the Daily Star.

A curious incident occurred while Amos was standing between the flags of the city of Quebec and Canada. The naked deputy covered himself with an object resembling a mobile phone. Screenshots from this video call were leaked to social networks.

The MP later apologized to his colleagues for "his unfortunate mistake" in an email. He wrote: "I sincerely apologize to colleagues in the House of Commons ... the video feed accidentally turned on while I was changing into work clothes after a run. This will not happen again."

Colleagues urged the parliamentarian to be vigilant, being near the camera and computer microphone. After that, MP Claude DeBelfeuil recalled the dress code in parliament.

“It might be necessary to remind members, especially men, that a tie and jacket are required, but there must also be a shirt, boxers or trousers,” she said.

Nevertheless, many Internet users stood up for the embarrassed deputy. In their opinion, the leaked photos were a serious violation of confidentiality and requires investigation. Amos also received many compliments for his body. In addition, the screenshots received a lot of comic comments.